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Auto Loans After Bankruptcy

Auto Loans After Bankruptcy

Re-establish your credit with after an auto financing bankruptcy. We specialize in bankruptcy car loans and bankruptcy auto loans We have all gone through tough times financially. Auto credit is a great way to rebuild your credit file after your bankruptcy has been discharged. We have many lending options and programs available after bankruptcy.

The three most common types of bankruptcy are:

Chapter 7: Also known as liquidation, allows individuals or businesses to give up nonexempt assets and walk away from most debts.
Chapter 11: For individuals and, more commonly, businesses to reorganize debt.
Chapter 13: Allows the filer to draft a plan to repay some debt while retaining assets.

What happens to my credit rating?

Most people regain credit within two years after they complete their bankruptcy car loan case by demonstrating good payment habits following their bankruptcy. By making these payments on time each month, good credit is being reported on their behalf. So, with most of their old debt discharged and nothing but on time payments being reported for the past two years, many ex-bankruptcy debtors find themselves having good credit again. You want to be sure to make your payments on time to recover from bankruptcy auto loan. Also, it’s extremely important to keep your re-established bad credit car loans current. Most banks have a dim view of consumers filling for bankruptcy and going delinquent afterwards. Make sure you can make the payments before entering into another car loan. As with most sub prime car finance, which a loan after a bankruptcy falls under, money down helps considerably by limiting the banks liability.

auto loans after bankruptcy